1959 – “CUPEL” the Cybernetic Tortoise – Andrzej Harland (Polish)

 "CUPEL"  by Andrzej Harland

The only text I've seen on this tortoise / turtle is from a Canadian film clip found here : http://www.itnsource.com/shotlist//RTV/1960/01/01/BGY503220197/?s=cybernetic
Unfortunately there is no preview of the film clip.

CANADA: TURTLE    Clip Description:

Story: Eureka…
Such a star was never seen in our TV.
Something between fancy, jike and magic – in short cybernetics. This animal is fed with light from an ordinary flashlight. It won't let be deceived and finds always its way to food. Constructor of the artificial turtle is a young engineer from Warsaw, Andrzej Harland.
The spectators of the TV liked this toy, but it aroused consternation in the world of animals…Its the fault of the tail…A shrewd, dishonest trick…
The dog Saboia told us that an accumulator, a sensitized cell and a bit of wire are not enough to make a playmate.

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