1952 – Unknown Robot – M.I.T. (American)

Little is known about this roving robot. It is tethered, so not truely autonomous.  Responses are drive motion and direction, as well as arm movement as well as hand movement, with an up-down movement probably being a 'yes' response, and a sideways shake being a 'no' response.

The demonstrator is using multiple touchpoints around the robots perimeter to give it signals to respond to.

I've seen two dates for this robot, 1952 and 1959.  I've filed it under 1952.

The movie clip is found here – http://projects.csail.mit.edu/films/aifilms/digitalFilms/2mpeg/11-robot.mpg  autonomous unknown – sensor learning with arm – silent
11 Commanding, Teaching a Robot via Tactile Sensors 7min 1952 C no tape splices, buckled at tail, good Man w/floor device

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