1950 – Cybercar Toy – Leblic/Hatchette – French

 This toy was available for purshase in France in 1950 by the French Hatchette toy company. It was invented by Jacques Maurice Robert  Leblic and the French patent 998,830 was granted on 26 September 1951.

The bumper-bar at either end operates a reversing switch for the drive motor. When a lamp is shone on the photo-electric cell, a relay operates and stops the drive motor and starts the steering motor. As soon as the illumination stops, the steering motor stops and the drive motor is again engaged.

Although the inventor describes the "Toy Automobile Controllable From A Distance"  as being cybernetic, it is so in only the simplest terms. It certainly does not follow a lamp. 







U.S.A. Patent number: 2921408
Filing date: Aug 8, 1957
Issue date: Jan 1960


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