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2007 – Robot Ostrich – Konstantin Ivanov (Russian)

Robot ostrich (android) inventor Konstantin Ivanov (Sirotina) from Elektrostal a towing machine with two manipulators (legs), equipped with a seat for the driver. Possible applications for the version of the inventor: Attraction (Jurassic Park robots ; races of robotic ostriches; competition live ostrich and the robot, 2) vehicle. The robot weighs 170 kg. and easily rolls an adult, even an imposing physique.

Konstantin Ivanov: “Our robot, the second in the world, demonstrated the full cycle of steps. This is such a step, when the center of gravity of the robot be imposed for the area of the foot and keeps the balance in this position a robot – is one of the toughest challenges in the design of walking robots. Cybernetics Company Honda – it was only by a huge development team, and for many millions dolllarov. We have done our android by several people in a normal city apartment – from scrap materials, in effect “on his knee.” Prototype Robot, by definition, can not demonstrate all merits the attention of technology professionals walking robots, but is intended to prove that a group of associates can solve any design problem.
Robot ostrich was exhibited in 2007 at the Exhibition and Salon of Industrial Property “Archimedes-2007”. И уже тогда был замечен. And even then was seen. But large-scale investment in this promising project by the inventor has not yet been achieved.

Ivanov built this ride-on robot bird as well. It’s included in the above video clip. As my friend David pointed out, the rider is a ‘dummy’. Just goes to show you what you can do with limited space and materials.

See other early Steam Men and Walking Machines here.

2002 – Human-powered Mechanical Elephant – Caltech (American)

The Quantum-Classical Transition on Trial: Is the Whole More Than the Sum of the Parts?
by Hideo Mabuchi

One quote that I really like came from my thesis adviser, Jeff Kimble (the Valentine Professor and professor of physics), and appeared on page 2 of the February 18, 1997, New York Times as the Quotation of the Day. On progress in the field of quantum computing, Jeff said: “Theory is way ahead of experiment. It’s like Hannibal trying to cross the Alps. We’d really like to run ahead and see what’s on top, but we have all these elephants to deal with.” Jeff is referring to trying to build something that’s fairly large and make it behave quantum mechanically.

Not exactly Hannibal and the Alps—or quantum computing—but Caltech students have dealt with experimental elephants, as demonstrated here. The walking (sometimes) mechanical elephant appeared on Ditch Day, May 22, 2002

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1954 – Walking Tractor – Douglas Lattimore (British)

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1966 – R/C Tortoise – François-Xavier Lalanne (French)


There are a few wonderful period French newsreel clips showing Lalanne's Tortoise and other sculptures found here Gaumont Pathe Archives . You have to be registered (free) and logged in to see the preview.  Search for "lalanne" without the quotes and look at all three clips from 1966-1970.

François-Xavier Lalanne's Radio controlled tortoise (Tortue Bar Angelique).

The Lalannes (Claude and François-Xavier ) have produced some of the most fantastic sculpture over the past 50 years. I particularly like François-Xavier's work, turning zoomorphic objects into pratical works of art! Sadly he died in 2008.

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1969-84 – Walking Machine Models – (Soviet)

From the late 1960's through to the mid 1980's, various Russian hobby magazines published plans for model walking machines.

Here are a few of them (in Russian): click image for pdf.


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